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What is it with me and guitars? I’ve never been into them really. But as a fan of various rock heroes, such as Jimmy Page (Led Zeppelin), Jack White (White Stripes) and of course Jimi Hendrix (help, I’m giving away my age here), I’ve always had a latent liking for the guitar! And I’m not the only one. It’s a phenomenon that I come across more and more often.

Not long after he had given me goose bumps during the De Wereld Draait Door television show in March of this year, I suddenly stumbled on Robbert van der Ende and the legendary Gibson ‘Les Paul’ again. This time, it was in an article in AD newspaper on 15 April. It made me wonder: just what is it about that guitar, the only one with genuine ‘sustain’? The stars mentioned above, as well as Peter Green (Fleetwood Mac), Gary Moore, Slash, The Free and good old Eric Clapton, all played a Les Paul. And they all did so because they were looking for that huge resonance that allows a guitar player to keep a note going for a day, so to speak…..sustain!!

I found the explanation for all this guitar adoration in today’s NRC newspaper. It appeared in the article ‘How a man buys a guitar’. Men over 50 think that everything that they still want to own they will buy for the very last time. It therefore has to be of exceptional quality. This applies to a fountain pen, a motorcycle, bike, car, sail boat and…. a guitar! 

This demand for quality might be the reason why Max Guitar Store is doing so well at Laan van Meerdervoort 612, The Hague’s longest, leafiest lane. It has the best assortment of guitars on offer. Renowned brands such as Gibson and Fender are available in just about all types and models. From vintage classics to replicas that come close to perfection, and in prices ranging from 350 to tens of thousands euros.

Every older guy with a young spirit is allowed to lie just a little bit about the purchase price of his ultimate dream. But watch out…..that bank statement will arrive at some point! No danger for me though: this music lover sticks to the air guitar.